Morocco in May

Pieta described Morocco as "Diverse in landscape as it is in culture". Agriculture, horticulture, mountains, lakes, deserts, gorges and stunning beaches.  So much history, and yet modern too. 

Colour, vibrancy and a different experience every corner you turn.  The sights and sounds of the many Medina's with secret little alleyways will excite that adventurous streak in you and there's a variety of accommodation options to suit all budgets and desires. 

The Riad's are a style of accommodation converted from traditional homes within the walled cities unique to Morocco that are truly special and should be a must in your itinerary. 

I also really enjoyed the Kasbahs which were mostly built as fortress's and then provided halfway homes to the Nomads.  A Cook School is a must as the food is divine with influences from all the surrounding countries - Yum!  I hope you get to experience Morocco someday soon.


Written by Pieta Mace at 20:46

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