Brussels, Brugge, Bern and Beyond!

he highlight of my trip to Europe was the Tauck river cruise and staying in Bern and the beautiful countryside of Switzerland including the train up the Jungfrau. During my trip I covered:

Amsterdam to pick up a Tauck River Cruise for 7 nights
Dordrecht / Kinderdijk (for Windmills)
Stuttgart (Porsche Museum)
Colmar (Hansel and Gretel Village)
Basel (cruise ended in Basel)
Bern (capital city of Switzerland)
Jungfraujoch - (Top of Europe)

I will definitely go back to Europe as I love the history and sightseeing. For my next trip I would like to go to either Ireland, Scotland and Baltic regions or Alaska.

If you are considering travelling to Europe I would suggest to allow enough time to spend a few days in each city and prebook some tours so that you dont waste time trying to arrange this when you should be spending your time enjoying the holiday.

What I have found most useful in all my years travelling is to take a multi plug adapter, folding umbrella and camera and most of all - to enjoy yourself!



Written by Loris Sowman at 15:00

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