Sun Coast, Fiji!

I recently visited and spent 8 days travelling around what is known as the Sun Coast, Fiji.  A stunningly beautiful stretch of country combining cane fields, villages, volcanic outcrops and small towns. You'll find this side of Fiji not only breathtaking but very diverse.

Upon arrival, we spent the first night at the First Landing Resort, Nadi where we met up with other New Zealand agents who were about to begin touring various Fiji destinations. We had an amazing hosted group dinner and were welcomed with Fijian entertainment including comedy, cultural dancing and a spectacular firing dancing stunt. 

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On day two the Sun Coast group embarked on a day full of driving -this was definitely a unique experience!  The majority of the roads are extremely unmaintained, making for a very bumpy ride at times.  I really enjoyed passing through the many villages; was great to observe the very diverse cultures of each.   Eventually we ended up at Volivoli Beach Resort where we were to spend the next two days, which I might add were full of snorkelling, spa treatments and lots of eating!

From Volivoli Beach Resort we travelled to Natovi Landing where we were met (like VIP's) by our speedboat ready and rearing to go to Naigani Island Resort for another nights fun and adventure.  I spent the afternoon relaxing in the sun and embarking on a bush walk with stunning views of the coast.

Toberua Island Resort, where we spent the fifth night, was definitely a highlight of my trip!  I would highly recommend this property for those looking to have a romantic break away and those seeking the perfect wedding location.  There are many activities available including diving, snorkelling, kayaking, fishing charters and even romantic couple picnic day trips. 

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On day six we got back in the bus and drove through to Suva.  We spent much of the afternoon touring the Pure Fiji factory and indulging in some much needed retail time in their personalised Christmas Store - where we all added a few extra kilos to our luggage!  Next on the itinerary was visiting some key sites including the Change of Guards at Presidents Gate and the Suva Market.  I have such respect for the men standing in the heat at the Presidents Gate, hour after hour!
Late in the afternoon we checked in at the Grand Pacific Hotel and dined in the one and only Prince Albert Restaurant - feeling much like Kings and Queens at that too!  This property was absolutely amazing and maintained to the highest level. 

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Our last two nights were spent Denarau visiting the popular hotels and dining at the Nadina Authentic Fijian Restaurant.  All famil groups came together to enjoy a "Race around the World" activity in which we were chauffeured about with our own chartered Bula Buses!

I would definitely recommend stepping out of the standard tourist locations within Fiji - the Sun Coast really does have a lot on offer!

Written by Kayla Harding at 12:00

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