Kenya Tanzania

Travel specialist Lance Brown had the opportunity to travel to Kenya Tanzania in May this year. He shares his unbelievable experiences.  

This trip was jaw dropping from start to finish. It was incredible to see the game in their natural environment, breath taking to witness. There were some amazing photo opportunities as you experience nature at its best.

My highlights of the tip was firstly the Game Drives. This is the whole purpose I feel of travelling to Kenya and Tanzania. Expect long days in Trucks as you do have big distances from A to B but is definitely well worth it! 

Another highlight of my trip was visiting Masai Village and experiencing their culture and their way they live. The Masai village live very traditionally without any modern day influences. The entire village was very warm and welcoming and they are very proud of their humble lives. My handy tip if you are visiting a village like this is to bring pencils, paper, balloons, straws, fun things for the kids and do not take money to give to them. Also always wear covered in shoes as it can be quite muddy!  

Sophie Brown

Lastly the Ngorongoro Crater. This is one of the most amazing sights that I have ever seen. The crater is where you are able to see everything, looking over the crater rim is a magical experience, topped only by the views of the animals. It's hard to believe that elephants can inspire such awe and fear. The views and the easy access to view the animals is astounding as is the beauty of the landscape.

Crater Photo

 You cannot describe the beauty of this crater, It was just breath taking.

 This has been an amazing experience which is difficult to put into words. I do consider the opportunity to have travelled to Kenya and Tanzania is really been a life time opportunity. A highlight of my Travel career and on top of my list as to my most incredible travel experiences.  

My Travel tips: 

  • Bring binoculars a good camera.  Sunblock. Mosquito spray. 

  • Winter: May to SEP warmer clothes jeans sweat shirt / warm jacket. A beanie

  • Summer - shorts are fine T-Shirt and a light jacket for the morning and evening

  •   Medical: Essential - yellow fever  inoculation and recommended Hep A

  • The National parks are the best areas to stay in as suggested by your tour company. These are all very close to the Game drives

  • Accommodation varies as to grading.  The tented lodges are a great option and where possible - I suggest using. The tented rooms vary in size from lodge to lodge -usually great bathrooms - some outdoor showers. Usually max of 2 per room - Twin or Double option.  Most beds very firm! Very firm!!

Written by Lance Brown at 17:00

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