Changes to treatment of portable electronic devices

Electronic devices attract airport security scrutiny.

The US has declared it will not allow smartphones or laptops, in particular Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, onto US-bound flights from some airports if the devices are not charged. While NZ airlines have not yet been asked to implement the measure, passengers on US-bound flights from Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be forced to undergo the extra security on their phones, laptops, tablets or other electronic devices.

Passengers may be asked to turn on their handheld portable electronic devices at airport checkpoints, and if they do not have power they will not be allowed on the plane. 

Air New Zealand switches to flight mode. From next week Air New Zealand will allow its passengers to use handheld portable electronic devices during all phases of flight on international and selected main trunk domestic flights, provided they are switched to non-transmitting flight mode.


Written by Sophie McIvor at 10:00