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Travel Specialist Crystal Hilton experienced the beautiful wonders of a Normandy River Cruise with Avalon Waterways. She shares her very enjoyable experiences:

I travelled to Europe with Singapore airlines, which was a very enjoyable experience. In my opinion Singapore airlines is one of the best airlines in terms of service. The air crew are always offering refreshments and I love how if you ever get peckish and feel like a snack then throughout the journey of the flight you will always have snacks on hand whenever you wish.   A lot of airlines nowadays charge for anything and everything so an added wee bonus that you will also receive with Singapore airlines is your own personal amenity kits on board the flights. 

I was lucky enough to travel in the European summer which is always great to experience the warm weather, however I would recommend travelling during the shoulder seasons which are May/June or Sep/Oct. You will generally experience pleasant weather and being the shoulder season means less crowds and more economical prices.

Normandy River Cruise

One of the most popular Itineraries is from Amsterdam - Budapest which is a picturesque stretch of river where  you will sail through spectacular scenery, historic sites and experience amazing things. You can decide whether you'd like to go for a short cruise which is usually a week long or a two week cruise.  Europe towns and villages are generally built around the rivers so the Beauty of river cruising is that the ships will pull in and dock right in the city centre. This was fantastic as you basically just step right off the ship and you are right there in the middle of everything. With Avalon waterways in the instance that the village our sightseeing excursion you are intending to see is not where the ship docks then they will have their fantastic coaches and local guides ready and waiting right next to the ship to take you to the must see's.

River cruising is a fantastic way to travel and I recommend everyone  to experience it at least once in their life time.  Especially those who are wishing to view Europe from a whole other way. You get to see the river banks lined with qaint small villages, amazing landscapes and castles. Some of the things I saw you would not have been able to see this by car or train. If you are wanting a more relaxed way of travel and an option to unpack once then this is for you. 


A highlight for me was just being able to relax but at the same time see the highlights in each place. I loved being able to sit up on the top deck and have a drink while I watched castles pass me by, or head down to my cabin and relax on my bed with the window open ( I was fortunate enough to have a balcony cabin) and watch the world go by. Also on board the ships the crew are fantastic, they go out of their way to get to know you and are a highlight of the cruise. 

Crystal And Friend On DeckCrystal And Friend On Deck

I often hear from clients that they are worried on board it may be "posh" and that you have to dress up all of the time however this is definitely not the case. It is very relaxed and you wear what you are comfortable in. They do have the odd night which gives you the option to dress up if you wish however it is not expected. 

A few things to let you know in advance is to ake advantage of the wardrobe and draws in your cabin and unpack your bags. It really does make it feel like a home away from home.  Be prepared to come home with a few extra kilos, the food on board is amazing and you can't help but over indulge 

River cruising is extremely popular so I highly recommend booking well in advance.


Written by Crystal Hilton at 13:00

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