Fascinating Dubai

Imagine you were 18 years old and overnight you found a hole in your backyard gushing unlimited amounts of money. What would you do? This is effectively what happened around 40 years ago to Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai is a fascinating clash of old and new, conservative and over the top at the same time. It is a complete culture shock for Kiwis, utterly different from anything we experience living in 'God's Own'.

This week Calder & Lawson House of Travel Consultant Morwenna Williams, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Palmer and Orbit Consultant Renee Veen are travelling with Emirates to experience all that Dubai has to offer, both as a stopover to Europe and as a destination in its own right

But first.....the journey. We LOVE the airbus 380. It's quiet and comfortable with great in-seat entertainment. If you can do it, try Business Class, the full bar complete with barman will excite even the most seasoned traveller. And just today Emirates have announced a third A380 flying out if NZ so even if you are not going all the way to Dubai or Europe you can experience it to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

So more to come as we explore Dubai and what exactly they has done with their oil windfalls…

Written by Kevin Palmer at 00:00

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