Visiting the mausoleums

No visit to Buenos Ares is complete without a trip to the mausoleum in the stunning suburb of Recoleta. A bizarre concept initially to get your head around graves above the ground, in what appears to be a small village with streets, trees, small park areas in amongst the tributes built to loved ones who have passed on. They are incredibly grand, many with statues in marble and bronze. The most popular by far...Eva Peron's. No surprises there. Flowers and gifts are brought by locals and tourists every day for the women known to truly care for the poor, not always popular at the time as a leader, she was glamorised by the musical and good old Madonna's movie and is now a local hero.

Across the road is the well-known cafe La Biela. Superb service by the waiters - all older and immaculately dressed in their white shirts and arm bands with green waistcoats. They specialise in "Tea Time" with a selection of cakes and pastries.

Frequented by locals and tourists many are as old as these two gentlemen. Mum and I couldn't resist a small chat with them...there wasn't much chatter back or interest in us funnily enough!

An afternoon stroll through the Botanical Gardens with a late lunch which we bought at a local bakery. Turned out they didn't take US dollars - just pesos which we didn't have enough off. Language was also a barrier until we realised he was saying, "Don't worry I'll take the pesos you have and you take the food and enjoy." We shook his hand and thanked him profusely - such a lovely gesture. It's often these little things when you are travelling that makes an ordinary 'lunch buying experience' something memorable.

Written by Niki Schuck at 22:17